Are you a natural performer who gets the jitters, or does even the thought of stepping on stage make you cringe? Either way, whether you’re speaking, singing, or playing an instrument, I can help! If you’re new to performing in public, or have been doing this your whole life but want to take it to the next level, I can also help! As someone who has loved performing and learned so much about it through my career as a singer/actor/dancer, I can help you reach new heights and enjoy the ride.

I’ve learned that performing is a true art, especially in a live setting. It’s about harnessing nervous energy and trusting that even though anything can (and will) happen in front of an audience, in the end I will be fine, even thrilled, and my audience can have a great experience along with me. We’re all different but we can ALL get through a performance and deliver whatever the gift may be with confidence, enjoyment, grace, and clarity. My goal is to help you do this more fully in 2 to 4 one-hour sessions.

I offer private coaching in Vancouver, and do the occasional house call. Please send me a note to learn more.


I don’t even want to tell you how many decades I’ve been performing. But I can tell you that I visited the studio where my Dad was recording and heard some very loud concerts from the womb, which may be why I came out doing jazz hands. Kidding. Sort of. I was the kid who practically sold fruit from my stroller, forced my sister to sing and dance with me in the backyard for 25 cents a ticket, started my own ‘radio station’ in the living room, and was up for piano recitals, dance competitions, shows at rest homes, auditioning for theatre, tv and film, cartoons, dance revues… and I loved the process, win or lose or fall on my butt.

Since childhood, I’ve had the joy of singing and dancing around the world, acting for film and tv, narrating documentaries, speaking to groups, and bringing voices to characters in cartoons. I’ve competed, had my confidence buttons pushed, I’ve felt the fear and done it anyway. I believe that every time I stand up to perform is an opportunity to make an exchange with an audience. They don’t have to love my hair or my voice, but I am offering them a gift and communicating a message and there is always one, or twenty, or two thousand people who are happy to receive it from me. That’s all I need. I would love to help you step up and bring your truest and most confident self into your performances!